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Bebeto - Maurício de Souza’s Bossa Brasil®
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Interviews and Recordings 


Photo by Lisa Miller

Bossa Brasil® and Maurício de Souza Group 

​(interviews and soud samples can be accessed by clicking on the text in red and player icons)


Radio interview for WPAT 930 AM Radio NY. With host Teddy Smith, interview by Rob Rinderman. July 10th, 2015. Promoting my performance at Blue Note the following night. 

Radio interview with with Mark Grossman for his show, "Eclectic Journey" on WLFR (91.7 FM) - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. To listen online, please click on "WLFR".  The Interview will start at 4:10pm.  The show goes from 3-6pm EST (USA). November 19th, 2014.


Interview for Radio Nacional FM Brasilia on January 18th, 2014. Highlight for both my albums ("Here. There...", "Different Directions") on their show, "Jazz Brasil" on May 18th, 2014.  


TV Interview for Elizabeth's local cable channel 18. September 12th, 2011. Related to Bossa Brasil®'s performance at EAP Hispanic Heritage Month Lunchtime Concert on October 11th, 2011. 

Radio Interview with Awilda Rivera (WBGO Jazz 88.3FM): Tuesday, July 26th, 2011, 9-10pm. Live interview at WBGO's studio with Awilda Rivera during her show Evening Jazz. Highlights: Bossa Brasil®'s performance at NJPAC's Sounds of the City (July 28th, 2011), CD "Here. There...", and some music from the CD.

Radio Interview with Ken Bader (PRI, NPR, BBC): Monday, November 2nd, 2010. Interview at the BBC studio in New York with Ken Bader for his show The World on NPR. The interview went on the air on Thursday, November 17th, 2010.

To hear it, please click on "Radio Interview" above, scroll down to the fifth article ("Brazil's Maurício de Souza"), and click on the speaker icon.

Bossa Brasil® and Maurício de Souza Group: Record, "Here. There..." (Pulsa Music). March 17th/20th, April 24th, and May 2nd/5th, 2010. Maurício de Souza (drums), Mike Stern (guitar), Andrew Beals (alto sax), Gregory Rivkin (trumpet), Carl Viggiani and Noah Haidu (piano), Jerry Weir (vibes), and Morrie Louden (bass). "Here. There..." (Pulsa Music) is now available online at CD Baby, most online stores, and at live performances.


Promotional Video (for "Here. There..."): Bossa Brasil® interprets, "Naima" by John Coltrane. Featuring: Maurício de Souza (drums), Andrew Beals (alto sax), Carl Viggiani (piano), and Morrie Louden (bass). To purchase the audio track for the video, please click here. Recorded March 20th at Tedesco Studios in Paramus, NJ.

Maurício de Souza Quintet: Live at the 2009 Long Branch (NJ) Jazz and Blues Festival. September 5th, 2009. Maurício de Souza (drums), Gregory Rivkin (trumpet), Andrew Beals (alto sax), Jerry Weir (vibes), and Bob Funesti (bass).

Bossa Brasil®: Live at TheMMAC. December 6th, 2008. Maurício de Souza (drums), Nir Naaman (alto sax), Bob Rodriguez (piano), and Kevin Reilly (bass).

Bossa Brasil®: February 4th and 25th, 2007. Maurício de Souza (drums), Andrew Beals (alto sax), Jason Teborek (piano), and Lee Marvin (bass).

Maurício de Souza Quartet: January 28th, 2007. Maurício de Souza (drums), Andrew Beals (alto sax), Jason Teborek (piano), and Lee Marvin (bass).

Radio Interview: Sunday, October 29th 2006. Appearance along with Jazz drummer Joe Morello at radio show with host Mark Blaustein for Montclair State University Radio. 10-11am. College Radio: WMSC 90.3FM or online at

Radio Interview (in Portuguese):  Friday, August 4th 2006. Appearance at radio show with host Alessandro Oliveira for Rádio Nacional FM (Brasília, DF, Brasil). 5-6pm. Nacional FM: 96,1Mhz (Brasília, Brasil). Contact: Alessandro Oliveira at and by phone at (55-61) 3327-4681 or (55-61)3327-4629.

Radio Interview: Sunday, May 7th 2006. Appearance at radio show with host Mark Blaustein for Montclair State University Radio. 10-11am. College Radio: WMSC 90.3FM or online at

Maurício de Souza Quartet: April 3rd, 2005. Maurício de Souza (drums), Andrew Beals (alto sax), Carl Viggiani (piano), and Lee Marvin (bass).

Bossa Brasil®: February 27th, 2005. Maurício de Souza (drums), Hélio Alves (piano), and Lee Marvin (bass).


Maurício de Souza With Other Artists

Ronny Whyte: Jazz pianist/vocalist. June 12th, 2012 at Lofish Studios. Ronny Whyte (vocal and piano), Boots Maleson (bass), and Maurício de Souza (drums). Single entitled, "It's Time for Love" (music by Ronny Whyte, lyrics by Bob Levy).

Okaru Lovelace: Jazz vocalist. July 20th, 2009 at Lofish Studios. Okaru Lovelace (vocal), Dan Gaynor (piano), Patrick Harry (bass), Maurício de Souza (drums).

Jason Berman: Jazz guitarrist. June 23rd, 2007. Jason Berman (guitar), Anne Marie Behr (vocal), Ken Fowser (tenor sax), Matt Turowski (bass), Maurício de Souza (drums). 

Kameelah Majied: Jazz vocalist. December 15th, 2004. Kameelah Majied (vocals), Flip Peters (guitar), Rick Krainer (bass), and Maurício de Souza (drums).

Marye Lobb: Singer-song writer. Album Release Party at the Cutting Room in New York. August 11th, 2008. Marye Lobb (vocals, acoustic guitar), Gabriel Riesco (acoustic guitar), Kiyoko Yamaoka (piano), Andres Rotmistrovsky (bass), Marcelo Arevalo (percussion), and Maurício de Souza (drums).​

Dan Anibal: Rock artist. Singer, pianist, and composer. Video for the Digital Cafe T0ur at Baggot Inn in New York. November 4th, 2007. Dan Anibal (vocals, piano), Pablo Briceño (guitar), Fedis Gray (bass), Maurício de Souza (drums).

Brazilian Jazz, Jazz and Beyond

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